Wildwood is a creative agency based in greater Washington, D.C. We design artful films, photography, websites, copywriting & branding.

Tell your story beautifully. Effective digital marketing should:

  • Be clear & concise. Audiences today are overstimulated and have short attention spans. Don’t overwhelm them with unnecessary details and confusing messaging.

  • Be compelling and tell a story. It’s hard to compete with all the messaging out there. Make a deeper connection with your audience by telling them a story through your branding. Don’t pitch what you want to sell them… that’s boring. Show them how you change lives and make a difference.

  • Look & sound great. Your enterprise can’t afford bad design. It takes .05 seconds for a website visitor to form an opinion about the quality of your organization. Looking sharp & on-trend is a must, regardless of what industry you are in.

Our ideal clients…

Are organizations looking for a collaborative experience and an artfully crafted product.

When you get a service from us, whether it is a marketing video or a website, we offer strategy all along the way. We make it our business to learn your brand, industry and goals, so we can in turn create & design high-impact media that connects with your audience in a meaningful way.

We like our processes to be open, understanding and communicative, and prefer clients who want that too.

If you think great design and storytelling are optional, or aren’t interested in collaborating, we probably aren’t the right creative agency for you.

It all started when...

Having dived into the world in story-driven video production, and founding her own production company, Katharine McKenny decided to branch out and help other entrepreneurs and small businesses with their own creative & marketing needs. 

We started with small film projects, and have evolved into offering a range of creative services.

Katharine McKenny, Creative Director

Katharine McKenny, Creative Director

We absolutely love the challenge and creativity of communicating beautifully through filmmaking, photography & the written word.  

We chose the name Wildwood because the word evokes a balmy forest, ripe for adventure, cultivation, and renewal.  Like the unpredictable, yet harmonious, woods, creativity relies on both spontaneous inspiration and collaboration.   

Drawing our inspiration from nature, Wildwood aims to redevelop imagery and communication towards the bliss of eyes, ears, minds, and hearts.


Mission and values 

Wildwood strives to promote meaningful engagement within and among company cultures. 

We believe that valuing authentic story and embracing artful communications promotes human relationships and enhances vision casting.  

We believe that individuals should feel a sense of worth in what they do.  

We believe in creating a sense of purpose beyond profit and an image that goes beyond superficial marketing.

Tell your story beautifully.