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sample- Commercial Real Estate


"Precision Management.  Intelligent Leasing. Strategic Development.

Expect more with Rosenthal whether clients are looking to lease, manage, acquire, or develop a commercial property.  With comprehensive coverage of commercial real estate needs, we focus on bringing value to every transaction.  As we embrace even even the toughest challenges facing the market today, Rosenthal maintains client success as our highest goal."


SAMPLE - Technology

"Advances in technology allow us to do more than ever.

Leveraging the latest software advances can revolutionize mission success.  Government agencies and private companies can experience streamlined connection like never before with other agencies, clients and partners.  To capitalize on these enormous potential benefits, organizations must be able to strategically and continuously adapt to and with modern capabilities.

  Epigen takes a holistic view on meeting your agency or business’s needs.   From simple change management practices to complex custom software solutions, we will devise and implement comprehensive solutions.  We address questions of strategy, vision and success rates using state-of-the-art analytical tools."