Do you work with  clients outside of Greater DC?

Yes!  Absolutely.  We have clients from the West Coast and Europe.  What's more important to us is that we speak the same language creatively.  

Can I get a pricing list?

Yes and no.  While costs for some items are standard, like headshots, most of our projects are highly custom, and depend on the scope.    Our prices are based on the hours, people, skills and equipment needed for each project. 

Do you offer consulting services?

We do offer consulting in person and by phone.  Many clients just need a couple of hours to process their needs and figure out a strategy for moving their brand forward.

I have a small budget and need my project completed ASAp, can you help?

We like to help small businesses, and we like to manage our projects efficiently.  Great work takes time, however, and we've generally found that rushing projects leads to mediocre results, particularly when the planning stage has been rushed.  For that reason, we charge a premium for rush projects.  

Can I have the raw footage or photography?

No, we generally do not provide the raw footage or photography during editing or afterwards.  We focus on curating story-driven content.  We want you to have the best end product possible.

What can I expect cost-wise?

When you employ a service from Wildwood, you are hiring a team that thinks very hard about how every detail of your project  impacts your overall branding. Because we approach every project holistically, we spend an above-average amount of time perfecting your results to give you a high-end product.    Our estimates reflect the time needed to pay our team fairly for their work and talent, while still doing our best to be cost-effective.